Go up Party Lights are the latest and greatest anger for parties and special events. Never heard of them? You will – and soon. This advancement in party lighting is sweeping the globe. Arche gonflable étanche

As well as the lights are wildly popular nationwide and Sweden, among others, and are presently being used for large functions in the Unified States. I believe they will soon be as common at celebrations as a cake and candle lights! 

What IS an as well as the light, you say? It can be a tiny brilliant LED (light-emitting-diode) unit, located inside regular latex or helium balloons, which when activated, converts your party into a veritable light show! Basically insert one into a latex balloon containing air or helium, twist to activate, and watch the fun begin!

Balloon signals can be set to provide frequent or flashing light, all from the same unit, for impressive effects. (The way battery packs are inserted will determine if it blinks or not. ) They also come in a variety of colors and are reusable.


KIDS PARTIES- Connect a bunch to your mailbox to show where the party is!

SLEEP PARTIES – No nightlight needed – let as well as the lights glow as your kids sleep!

PARTY WEDDING FAVORS – Kids may wish to take them home after the party, so add them to your goodie hand bags.

WEDDINGS – Turn your wedding decor into an unique and classy illusion setting with bright white balloon lights! Add a few in area of your wedding party for a special personal touch.

WATER ACCENT – As well as the lights are waterproof and can be used underwater in pools, fountains… even in your cocktail bowl!

EVENING HOURS POOL PARTIES – Drift balloons in your cycling pool that sparkle and blink evening through.

LIGHT A PATH – Make use of to light a glistening garden path in order to provide light for special features of outside the house the house.

TABLE ADORNMENTS – Tuck a few balloon lights inside your centerpiece to give it a special glow.

AS WELL AS THE ARCHES – Welcome friends to your party with a fantastic illuminated go up arch!

BALLOON SCULPTURES – Add a totally new dimension to balloon projects with the use of light.


As well as the lights can be used for so much more than parties. Here are a few changes on the traditional:

LIGHT THE NIGHT – REMOTE CONTROLLED Enthusiasts attach balloon lamps with their planes, cars, and boats to light them on with nighttime goes.

GUIDING LIGHT- Tie a lit balloon to your child’s wrist or child stroller – they’ll never get lost!

YOUR MESSAGE IN LIGHTS – Spell away someone’s name, a meaning, a wedding proposal, whatever – by attaching go up lights to a wall membrane, fence or other toned surface.