Specifically what is the big difference between a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, a physiatrist, and a chiropractor? That can be confusing as each kind of doctor advertises they can help with similar ailments, and many can help with back pain of one kind or another. neurologists in mumbai

All of these doctors are spine specialists. Each approaches the rear from a different point of view. Your choice depends typically on the sort of pain you are experiencing and the sort of treatment that offers the best trade-off between your lifestyle choices and potential risks. 

Chiropractors and physiatrists provide comparatively conservative treatment. Neurosurgeons and orthopedic cosmetic surgeons will provide conservative attention, but can also perform various surgical procedures when needed. The greater serious your back pain and condition, the more likely you will desire a neurosurgeons or an orthopedic surgeon.

Orthopedists complete up to five numerous years of training that centers mostly on bone problems. A neurosurgeon’s seven-year residency training emphasizes the spirit as well as the spinal bones. All neurosurgeons receive intensive training in spinal medicine and surgery during their residency. Every have experience in pain management. Most neurosurgeons also take additional advanced training in spine care. In case you are referred to a vertebrae specialist for nerve problems like sciatica, you need to ask of the training and experience. In North Californian, most neurosurgeons have spent their careers expert in spine.

P. T. Of all residency training programs, neurosurgery is the longest. In addition to four numerous years of school and four years of medical school, most neurosurgeons complete seven years of residency and one or two years of fellowship.

Doctor Lieberson is a plank certified neurosurgeon who is an expert in spinal medicine and surgery. He trained at the University of Missouri and at Stanford Medical Center. He has released and lectured in the field of spine surgery. Dr. Lieberson has recently been around private practice in the Bay Area for over more than a decade and has office buildings in Fremont and Pleasanton.