Several years ago, we had to put stamps on every email and parcel we published. To be frank, it was indeed time-consuming to do so. For those companies who a sizable variety of mails to be sent out daily, that were there no choice but to get more staff to take care of the mailing. Seriously speaking, it was indeed hard to estimate the nearly all rates without a good postage meter. We might overestimate or underestimate the postage rates. In order to affix the emails with correct postage, we wasted a lot of the time and money to travel to the postal office shooting. bulk postage rates

Time is precious. To be able to stay competitive in the fast changing business world, many companies in United Says is using Pitney Bowes postage meter to assist them to handle their mails and parcels. This kind of special postage meter has enabled them to reduce the problems explained above. Exactly what is so great about this particular many meter? Pitney Bowes subscriber system has been created to make our mailing control simple and efficient. This assists us in: 

– Weighing, calculating and making use of the precise amount of nearly all required on every part of mail. Regardless of the type of documents or packages you are sending, this postage meter can offer with any class of mail with its digital scales. These scales are able to weigh packages up to 5 pounds. Pitney Bowes system is in a position to check the current rates automatically because it has online reference to the US Post Business office. Hence, if you have any change in the postage rates, the system is informed and updated electronically. Besides, this system also helps different classes of mailbox, including First Class to international. In case you need to post the letters or parcels to overseas, you still can make good use of this nearly all meter.

– Printing the name of recipient, address and stamp code for every single mail or parcel in a standardized manner. This can affix metered rubber stamps on different mails even though offered in several designs and sizes. You no longer need to spend some money to acquire stamps anymore. Pitney Bowes printing system allows correspondence to be addressed and stamped at the pace of up to 40 papers each minute. You just need to do simple setting. Access the tackles from your database or mailing list. Some models may even help to products and seal your correspondence. You can save time and effort focusing on other important jobs.

By using this unique postage meter, we don’t need to waste materials our time referring to the manual to twin check the postal rates. We can also improve our corporate image easily using this great tool. The investment cost on this postage meter is not high. Why hold out? Get one new product now to enable you to speed up your mail processing.